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Avaya's Acquisition of Edify Brings AI-Powered Workflows to Customer Experience

By Greg Tavarez May 09, 2024

The modern customer journey is no longer a linear path. Today's consumers expect interactions that are consistently tailored to their specific needs and preferences; from the moment they discover a brand, to the point of purchase and far beyond. The days of one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns and generic customer service interactions are no more. Businesses that fail to uniquely personalize the customer experience risk losing ground to competitors who prioritize building genuine connections.

This shift in consumer behavior is driven by several factors. The rise of social media and online review platforms lets customers share their experiences with a vast audience. Companies with a reputation for inauthentic or impersonal interactions face swift and public backlash. And furthermore, the abundance of choices available to consumers online fostered a culture of high expectations; customers can easily research and compare products and services, and they often gravitate toward brands that not only meet their basic needs but actively anticipate them, as well.

Personalization isn’t all about addressing customers by name, though. It's about understanding their unique pain points, interests and buying habits. Data analytics and CRM tools assist businesses in gaining insights into individual preferences. This allows them to tailor website content, product recommendations and marketing messages to resonate with specific customer segments.

Businesses that prioritize personalization stand to build lasting customer relationships and achieve sustainable growth. This is precisely where Avaya's recent acquisition of Edify comes into play.

Businesses rely on Avaya's solutions to connect with customers and employees in a way that maximizes business impact. Avaya's contact center and communication tools fuel exceptional customer experiences – personalized, engaging and memorable – propelling businesses forward.

Edify bridges the gap between businesses and their customers, and even between employees themselves. Edify CX, which combines CCaaS with CPaaS/API tools, allows users to switch effortlessly between communication channels within a single conversation, just like we do on our smartphones.

The move to acquire Edify strengthens Avaya's Experience Platform, or AXP, with AI-powered customer journey orchestration and workflow tools. Additionally, Avaya gains a team of highly skilled engineers, which only boosts its development capabilities.

“This tuck-in acquisition is additional evidence that Avaya is making investments in technology, people and experience to continue to power the company’s momentum in the market,” said Alan Masarek, CEO of Avaya. “Equally important is the injection of additional world-class customer experience talent that this transaction brings to our engineering, product and go-to-customer organizations."

Edify's cloud-based, no-code solutions integrate with AXP to help businesses design and deploy personalized customer experiences more easily and quickly. This includes functionalities like task automation, journey orchestration and pre-built CRM connectors.

The integration of Edify's intuitive orchestration engine simplifies the creation and deployment of workflows that bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. This lets companies deliver better customer experiences mirroring those of personal interactions. Edify allows companies to achieve this goal without extensive IT involvement or reliance on external resources.

Edify's workflows facilitate the creation of fully automated and assisted customer journeys with exceptional ease-of-use. The platform includes a suite of valuable features, including open APIs for effortless integration with partner solutions, pre-configured CRM connections and AI capabilities like natural language understanding and sentiment analysis.

“Edify has always been about breaking down business communications barriers both inside and beyond the walls of traditional contact centers,” said Tony Lama, CEO of Edify. “Joining the Avaya team allows us to continue that mission at an unparalleled scale while advancing Avaya's innovation without disruption strategy.”

With the acquisition, Avaya once again shows its commitment to innovate within the customer experience solutions market.

Edited by Alex Passett
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