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New Genesys Survey Aims to Uncover Generational Attitudes towards AI Chatbots

By Tracey E. Schelmetic May 21, 2024

It’s a well-established fact that many companies have eagerly embraced AI-centric technologies (such as intelligent chatbots) to reduce costs and streamline workflows. But how do customers really feel about interacting with AI-driven support solutions?

New research from Genesys aimed to find out, and to determine if those preferences vary by the age of the customer. According to the study, entitled, “The Humans and AI in Unison: Driving the New Era of Customer Experience” report, there are some similarities between how the different generations experience AI-based interactions.

Despite differing opinions on AI, the majority of respondents (72%) agree they have no hesitations about interacting with AI-powered chatbots — that is, if the technology can quickly resolve their issues. In fact, half of consumers believe virtual agents will be widely accepted for customer service by 2030. And concerns lessen with each younger generation about whether or not they’ll interact with a bot in the future — with nearly three-fourths (73%) of Generation Z respondents agreeing.

Consumers still have some concerns and confusion about artificial intelligence. Examining people’s general outlook on the future of AI, more than half (56%) of respondents to the study are uncertain about what’s true or exaggerated. This is particularly highlighted by the recent hype around generative AI — while 90% of people are familiar with the term, the majority (76%) still know little to nothing about its capabilities. Even younger generations, who historically have been viewed as early adopters of technological advances, admit to a lack of familiarity with the technology (58% of Gen Z and 66% of millennials).

Four in 10 consumers believe there’s cause for concern with AI. 58% of consumers know someone who’s “afraid of AI,” and six in 10 consumers worry that AI is making humans lazy and less intelligent. The research also shows that consumers largely dislike AI bots that try to mimic human emotions; 60% of Americans said they get angry or frustrated when an AI-powered bot uses language like “I’m sorry” or “I understand your frustration.”

Despite reservations, consumers appreciate the value AI brings to their experiences, with 82% ranking speed — whether shorter hold times or having their issue resolved quicker — as one of its most rewarding benefits. The ability to access customer service 24/7 ranked a close second (81%).

Edited by Alex Passett
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