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BT and Five9 Offer Future-Proof Route to Cloud Contact Centers

By Greg Tavarez May 09, 2023

Businesses place customer service on a high pedestal because it leads to greater long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn leads to increased measurable revenue and growth. When it comes to customer service, contact center agents are the primary contacts. That is why businesses look for ways to enhance their contact centers to create a more cost-effective and flexible way to provide high-quality customer service.

One way is through cloud adoption. This makes sense; cloud-based contact centers allow businesses to access software from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility for agents to work remotely and reducing the need for physical office space.

Imagine a company that provides customer service for a subscription-based meal kit service. With cloud-based contact center technology, the company easily scales up during busy times such as holiday periods and scales down during slower periods to save on costs. The cloud-based contact center software also provides real-time analytics to help the company identify areas for improvement, such as frequently asked questions that could be addressed with automated responses.

That highlights just one importance of cloud-based contact centers. And, to assist companies as they migrate their contact centers to the cloud, BT and Five9 recently announced the expansion of their partnership to enhance the choice of contact center services and solutions offered to organizations worldwide.

BT offers businesses and organizations customer experience solutions to improve agent and customer experience, with professional services to plan, implement and manage them end-to-end. BT’s Inbound Contact Global platform supports inbound voice services worldwide, with physical access nodes in more than 45 countries, originations from more than180 countries, and terminations to anywhere in the world.

Five9, a cloud contact center software provider, offers its clients reliable and scalable cloud solutions to help them achieve a competitive edge. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center platform provides a 360-degree view of customers, along with practical artificial intelligence (AI) to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction while boosting the efficiency of contact center agents. 

Through the partnership, the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform will be offered as a managed service to both existing and new BT customers, helping them achieve the full digitalization of their workplaces. The integration of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform with BT's secure, reliable Global Managed Voice platform enables customers to enjoy an end-to-end managed service and cloud migration expertise while accessing BT's vast experience and capabilities in managing complex technology environments.

BT customers also can choose from a range of Five9 options that include digital engagement channels, workflow automation and optimization, analytics and practical AI.

“Our Five9 partnership offers BT customers a secure and future-proof route to migrate their contact center into the cloud,” said Andrew Small, BT's managing director of global portfolio, business. “BT and Five9 combined expertise will help customers manage the transition seamlessly and enjoy the full benefits of a managed CCaaS service.”

Five9's AI and automation solutions, including the Intelligent Virtual Agent, which is embedded in the platform, is also accessible to BT customers. The solutions help automate processes and manage routine calls while automatically providing agents with caller details to enhance efficiency.

“Enterprises now have access to Five9’s leading Intelligent CX Platform seamlessly embedded with BT’s world class voice and data services to create more fluid experiences for their customers,” said Jake Butterbaugh, Senior Vice President, Global Partners at Five9. “This partnership reflects Five9’s commitment to grow our partner ecosystem and cultivate powerful, global partnerships to deliver CX solutions to global customers.”

Building on what Butterbaugh stated, the expanded partnership builds on an existing agreement between BT and Five9. With Five9, BT now helps businesses enhance their customer experience by offering them the latest contact center solutions.

The addition of Five9's platform to BT's portfolio allows customers to benefit from the latest innovations in cloud contact center technology, providing better customer experiences and improved agent efficiency.

Edited by Alex Passett
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