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Storyteq Acquires to Futurize Brand-Compliant Generative AI

By Alex Passett June 21, 2023

Let’s talk about brand-compliant artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital marketing arena.

Generative AI, in particular, has cranked the volume way up (in a manner of speaking) in the past six to eight months. (Though it has felt longer to many of us, given how truly mainstream its use cases have become.) Generative AI became an industry-shaking noisemaker, and implementing it is essentially a revolving door right now; as the door opens and bleeding-edge possibilities appear much more attainable, the door spins and ultimately necessary compliance and regulations also enter.

Brand-compliant AI, then, refers to AI systems designed to align with and uphold a specific brand’s identity, values, and tone. Generative AI-driven solutions involved in brand-to-brand interactions and personalized customer service must be compliant with a brand’s established guidelines. The persona must remain consistent. Because while effective in marketing, customer support and HR applications, both the charm and practicality of it dullen if errors begin to pile up (e.g. hallucinations) or even if what the AI generates becomes harmful to a brand’s critical image or its customer base.

The long-story-short of it? From customer service chatbots to multi-media (and multi-platform) content generation, email marketing campaigns, advertising and more, the generative AI we now tango with must be reined in compliance-wise if it is to continue offering ways to reliably scale brand-centric operations.

Enter Storyteq and

Storyteq is already a Gartner award-winning platform for creative automation; a one-stop-shop for modernized content via a self-serve, intuitive platform powered by AI. Storyteq’s consultancy of brand-transforming digital performance experts is on top of its game, in terms of helping brands automate marketing efforts. In April, Storyteq launched its Brand Portals creative production hub to help brands rapidly localize and activate global campaigns.

And now, Storyteq has acquired in order to bolster its own R&D team and take AI capabilities even further.

To push the boundaries of what is possible in the image creation technologies space (in order to help support global brands, hugely), Storyteq’s R&D team has support on its developments of an AI Studio tool.

AI Studio, in Storyteq’s words, “represents the next evolutionary step in image creation by enabling intelligent product placement into any environment, while ensuring full brand compliance.” With the ability to take comprehensively fine-tuned art direction (via the helpful virtual hand of AI), creative marketers will be able to expedite how they remove, expand, or build image backgrounds, add photorealistic lighting and shadows, upscale images without compromisation of quality, and much more. AI Studio expands team productivities, creating AI-assisted opportunities in photography for global brand campaigns, virtual productions, automated e-commerce shoots and brand-spanning logo work, all with brands’ compliance needs at top of mind.

Per a combined statement from Lennard Kooy, CEO of Storyteq and Simon Ward, CEO of Inspired Thinking Group (ITG), which Storyteq is part of:

“The rapid development of generative AI has enabled us to go from a concept to an advanced tool in months or even weeks, rather than years. Innovation is at the core of our identity, and the acquisition of has significantly aided our R&D and the full power of brand-compliant AI. Collaborations like these are a central driver for us, and we will continue searching for businesses who complement our first-class marketing and technology solutions.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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