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CallRail Announces New AI-Driven Multi-Conversation Insight Capabilities

By Tracey E. Schelmetic May 09, 2024

Having access to insights from all calls across a campaign is one of the most valuable things a marketing department could have. It's an asset, through and through.

In the past, this needed to be achieved manually. Later, AI stepped in to generate transcripts and/or highlights from a single conversation, though this still often requires hours of manual analysis for marketers to identify trends and actionable intelligence from calls generated from a campaign. A far better application of AI is to generate insights from all calls in a campaign automatically, which eliminates manual work and boosts long-term efficiency.

So, AI-powered lead intelligence platform provider CallRail announced new AI-driven multi-conversation insight capabilities. The company has stated that its "first-of-its-kind capability" takes AI generated insights to a deeper level by analyzing up to 100 customer calls and surfacing trends, opportunities and risks over a shorter period of time.

Through multi-conversation insights, businesses will now have visibility into the following information from a specific source over a past seven day period:

  • 3-6 sentence summaries to give marketers a quick, accurate overview of what types of conversations a campaign is driving
  • Average sentiment analyses from calls in a campaign each week
  • Identification of trends driving positive or negative customer satisfaction
  • FAQs that will drive businesses’ SEO and keyword strategies, marketing messaging/tones, and product offerings

Multi-conversation insights will empower businesses with the understanding of what causes confusion, excitement or frustration so they have "the true voice of the customer to make data-driven business decisions," noted CallRail.

The new feature also allows for monitoring of reports so trends can be identified over time. For example, if a business is receiving frequent calls about a service they do not offer, they have the data-backed information needed to refine their marketing messaging to reach the right audience, or even update their product or service offerings to better meet customer demands.

“Multi-conversation insights is a game changer for the industry,” said Sean McCrohan, Vice President of Technology at CallRail. “This new, super-human capability not only ensures our customers have the most comprehensive and accurate attribution data, but also the most actionable AI-generated campaign insights from their conversations.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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