NICE's Acquisition of LiveVox Sets New Standard in Proactive Outreach Through Conversational AI

By: Greg Tavarez    10/4/2023

Organizations have the opportunity to accelerate their CX operations into the digital era with smart conversational AI at scale with NICE acquiring Li…

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New Solution by HGS Transforms Customer Interactions with AI

By: Greg Tavarez    10/3/2023

Agent X is engineered to streamline the workflow of call center agents while simultaneously elevating customer interactions.

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UserEvidence Turns Survey Feedback into Customer Stories, Raises $9 Million in Funding

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/3/2023

UserEvidence, a Wyoming-based customer voice platform for business-to-business go-to-market (GTM) teams, debuted a new customer voice platform to turn…

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Study Finds CRM's Importance is Rising, Along with Customer Expectations of Personalization

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/2/2023

To explore how CRM is changing to provide more customized interactions, CRM company SugarCRM recently surveyed more than 800 global business-to-busine…

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Customers Believe Companies Are Making Them Work Too Hard

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/29/2023

According to the inaugural J.D. Power U.S. Cross-Industry Customer Service Experience Study, the average consumer is spending 18.10 minutes every time…

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Bandwidth, Google and Cognigy Shake Up Contact Center AI

By: Greg Tavarez    9/29/2023

Bandwidth announced a partnership with Google and Cognigy to launch AIBridge, which enables enterprises to easily deploy voice-based artificial intell…

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AI Won't Replace Human Agents, But Agents Need to Adapt to Working with AI

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/28/2023

A recent analysis released by workforce management company Calabrio highlighted the essential role of hybrid and remote contact center agents, the exp…

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Traditional Call Quality Assurance Programs are Ineffective at Improving CSAT

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/27/2023

Research conducted by SQM Group found that only 19 percent of call center managers strongly agree that their call center's quality assurance program h…

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More Enterprises Turn to CCaaS to Deliver Better Customer Interactions

By: Greg Tavarez    9/27/2023

Many enterprises are turning to automation and the cloud to address a growing number of customer interactions efficiently and with the agility to adap…

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The benefits of Salesforce phone system integration

By: Contributing Writer    9/27/2023

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM solutions, provides various software options to assist companies in effectively managing their customer relations…

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Now Available from Zoom: Workforce Engagement Management Suite for Contact Centers

By: Alex Passett    9/26/2023

Now available for Zoom Contact Center customers, Zoom's new Workforce Engagement Management suite (including its Workforce Management and Quality Mana…

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The Great Generational Shopping Divide: Feedback and Patterns of Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z

By: Alex Passett    9/25/2023

A new report titled "The Great Generational Shopping Divide" studied plenty of distinct differences between generations' expectations and preferences.

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Modern Keystones of CX Success: New Report Reviews Competitive Growth Differentiators and Trends

By: Alex Passett    9/22/2023

The customer experience (CX) yardstick is changing and companies need a bevy of comprehensive and modernized CX capabilities (e.g. AI, analytics tools…

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Cross-Channel Customer Experiences Surge through Vonage's 'Conversations for Salesforce'

By: Greg Tavarez    9/20/2023

Vonage launched Vonage "Conversations for Salesforce," a configurable omnichannel messaging app powered by the Vonage Communications Platform.

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BPO Company ibex and ITEXPO 2024 Keynoter Genesys Partner for Customer Experience Solution Offering

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/19/2023

Business process outsourcing company ibex recently announced a partnership with Genesys to offer next generation omnichannel customer experience (CX) …

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ITEXPO 2024 Keynoter Genesys Sees Cloud CX Platform Surpass 1 Million Users

By: Greg Tavarez    9/19/2023

Genesys ended the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 with nearly $1.2 billion in annual recurring revenue.

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Study Finds the Cost of Poor Customer Support Continues to Rise

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/18/2023

A new study commissioned by generative AI customer service platform found that customers' expectations continue to rise, and the costs for d…

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Customer Experience at the Next Level: Content Guru Integrates Google Business Messages with Storm

By: Greg Tavarez    9/15/2023

The integration of Google Business Messages into storm enables responding to customer inquiries received through Google Business Messages using a virt…

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Intradiem Introduces Automated Solution That Evaluates Risks of Agent Churn

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/15/2023

Intradiem's AI model measures the data against expectations or past performance in real-time and designates each agent's burnout risk assessment on it…

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Boost Loyalty with Sinch MessageMedia's New SMS Service

By: Greg Tavarez    9/13/2023

SMS for Zoho Desk provides customer service teams with a streamlined solution for efficiently managing and promptly addressing customer inquiries from…

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Amarillo Chooses Dell Technologies' GenAI for Improved Community Service Accessibility

By: Greg Tavarez    9/13/2023

Amarillo, Texas, and Dell plan to create an online digital assistant that uses generative AI to provide residents with details on government and city …

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CUSTOMER Magazine Announces Recipients of the 2023 Customer Experience Innovation Awards

By: CustomerZone360 News    9/13/2023

The Customer Experience Innovation Award recognizes best-in-class companies setting the standard in delivering exceptional customer experiences over a…

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Brevo Answers the Call for Frictionless Purchasing with Innovative CRM Solutions

By: Greg Tavarez    9/12/2023

Brevo, a provider of CRM solutions, meets the growing customer demand for frictionless purchasing experiences with new sales solutions.

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CallTrackingMetrics Adds AI-Driven Automated Chat to Product Suite

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/11/2023

Call analytics company CallTrackingMetrics recently announced the launch of its new feature, ChatAI, the newest entry in CallTrackingMetrics' suite of…

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Verint Earns Co-Sell Ready Status in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/6/2023

Verint announced it has earned co-sell ready status with Microsoft and that the Verint Open Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Platform will be comme…

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New Study Measures Consumer Attitudes Toward AI in Customer Support

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/5/2023

Digital River, an e-commerce solutions and services provider, recently released findings from a consumer survey aimed at helping brands navigate emerg…

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Narakeet Launches AI Solution to Convert Video Subtitles into Native Speech

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/1/2023

Narakeet recently launched a solution to seamlessly convert video subtitles into audio using text to speech artificial intelligence.

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Appen Limited Launches New Solutions to Reduce Bias and Toxicity in Chatbots

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/31/2023

Appen Limited, which provides high-quality data for the AI lifecycle, recently announced the launch of two new products.

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Cogito Integrates AI Guidance into Fortune 25 Company's CRM Platform

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/31/2023

Cogito recently signed a multi-year agreement for expansion of collaboration with a global Fortune 25 consumer technology company.

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8x8 Underscores Success of Supervisor Workspace Solution Introduced in March

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/25/2023

Cloud contact center and unified communications platform provider 8x8, Inc. launched its new 8x8 Supervisor Workspace to make call center supervisors'…

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Neurons Launches AI Predictor for Brand Attention

By: Greg Tavarez    8/25/2023

Predict allows companies to instantly predict the brand performance of their ads and see how much attention brand assets, ad copy, CTAs and faces get …

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How to Deliver (and Improve) the Connected Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    8/24/2023

A connected customer experience delivers smart, contextual interactions across all touchpoints in the customer's journey.

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Newly Rebranded Launches eCommerce Solution for No-Code AI Agents

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/23/2023 has announced the completion of an extensive rebranding effort in response to its refined mission to deliver no-code, autonomous AI agents d…

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Cubix Asset Management Launches AI-Powered Chatbot and Call Center Services

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/21/2023

Cubix Asset Management recently announced its launch of Swivl's AI-powered chatbot and CallPotential's call center service to make things easier for b…

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CallCabinet Bridges Languages by Reinforcing South African Call Recording and AI Analytics

By: Greg Tavarez    8/21/2023

With CallCabinet's recent inclusion of Afrikaans, Zulu, Setswana and Sesotho - four prominent languages in South Africa - businesses are presented wit…

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Upland Panviva and Genesys Forge Path for Omnichannel Excellence

By: Greg Tavarez    8/17/2023

Panviva is more accessible to potential customers as Upland Software announced that Panviva is available on the Genesys AppFoundry.

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Verint Study Finds Customer Expectations Continue to Rise

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/16/2023

According to a new study released by Verint entitled, "2023 State of Digital Customer Experience Report," 77% of businesses say consumer expectations …

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Ezra AI Brings AI-based Customer Experiences to the Restaurant Industry

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/15/2023

Ezra AI, a provider of AI solutions aimed at the restaurant industry, recently introduced a solution that uses advanced machine learning and natural l…

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Ring Central Introduces RingCX Native Contact Center Solution

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/14/2023

AI-powered cloud communications company RingCentral, Inc. recently announced the launch of RingCX, the company's new native, intelligent contact cente…

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Salesforce Launches Starter All-in-One CRM App for Small Businesses

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/14/2023

CRM giant Salesforce recently announced the launch of Starter, a simple all-in-one CRM app.

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Study Finds E-Commerce Cart Abandonment is Often About Perceptions of Digital Security

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/10/2023

A new study commissioned by e-commerce solutions provider Radial, Inc. found that security issues loom large in the minds of shoppers.

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Cogito and Medallia Partner for Customer Data-Driven Experience Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/9/2023

Real-time coaching solutions provider Cogito recently announced a partnership with customer analytics company Medallia to deliver improvements in ente…

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New Headset Offerings from Cyber Acoustics Meet the Demands of Contact Center Environments

By: Alex Passett    8/8/2023

Designed in conjunction with leading BPO partners, the new Cyber Acoustics headsets include the tech and comfort alike to meet contact center agents' …

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Language I/O Raises $8 Million in Funding for Real-Time Translation Technology

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/8/2023

Language I/O (LIO), a provider of real-time, business-accurate translation technology, recently announced an $8 million Series A1 funding round led by…

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Televerde Begins New Call Center Program at Indiana Women's Prison

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/8/2023

Call center services outsourcing company Televerde recently announced the opening of a new contact center at the Indiana Women's Prison.

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ASAPP Launches Tool for AI-Based Automated Agent Evaluation

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/7/2023

Contact center solutions provider ASAPP recently introduced CoachingAI, a new product that automates the quality evaluation for 100% of contact center…

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CallRail Labs Joins Forces with Small Businesses for AI Advancements

By: Greg Tavarez    8/3/2023

CallRail unveiled its innovation initiative, CallRail Labs, aimed at harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize call analytics.

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NICE Adds Generative AI-Powered Benchmarking to Enlighten Actions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    8/1/2023

NICE recently introduced its new generative AI-powered "Enlighten Actions Industry Benchmarks" to allow brands to holistically compare their operation…

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Twilio and AWS Deepen Partnership Around Predictive AI Technology

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/31/2023

AWS and customer engagement solutions provider Twilio recently announced an extension of their longstanding strategic partnership that will place AI c…

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AffinityX Launches Chat to Conversion Tool for Local Businesses to Deliver Tailored Experiences

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/28/2023

Chat to Conversion is a generative AI-powered tool designed to help local businesses engage with customers and track conversions across multiple chann…

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