4 Ways to Improve Workforce Management Outcomes

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/19/2015

There are a number of challenges that can exist within the contact center space. It's not uncommon for turnover to be high, the pressure to cater to c…

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2015 Will Bring New Demands to Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/18/2015

The American workforce is changing, as is the global workforce. Hours are becoming more flexible, and the barriers between work and home life are disa…

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Build Rewards and Incentives into Call Center Performance with Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/10/2015

The rewards and incentives can be in the form of money, recognition ("employee of the month" and a photo on the wall), non-monetary rewards (a primo p…

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How Workforce Management Can Help Improve FCR

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/9/2015

How often are customer issues resolved on the first call in your contact center? First call resolution (FCR) is often a topic of importance as the hig…

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The Restaurant Industry and the Contact Center Industry Have Lessons for One Another

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    2/4/2015

In the restaurant industry, like in the contact center, managers, supervisors and other non entry-level positions are often filled by people who start…

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Workforce Management Success Depends on Listening

By: Susan J. Campbell    2/3/2015

The point is, your employees have a lot to say that delivers value to your processes. It's important to not only give them a voice, but also truly lis…

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Three Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

By: Mae Kowalke    1/30/2015

Nothing psychologists do is actually mind-blowing; what they teach and help with is stuff all of us know on some level. But psychologists help us actu…

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Don't Trust Your Workforce Management to the Fake Cloud

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/26/2015

Have you ever encountered a fake cloud solution? In a world of countless hosted offerings, two solutions offered by two different providers can look a…

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Cloud-based Workforce Management Expands Call Center Labor Options and Reduces Costs

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/22/2015

Once the initial "future shock" of the idea has worn off, companies may find that building a partly "virtual" contact center offers a host of benefits…

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Why You Need the Omnichannel Experience in Your Customer Care Center

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/19/2015

The important point here is that customer expectations continue to intensify, putting more pressure on your customer service teams to deliver quality …

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SPLICE Software Discusses How Gamification Strengthens the Workforce

By: Alisen Downey    1/14/2015

People use their computers and mobile devices for all kinds of purposes these days-and that includes playing games. So how can companies take technolo…

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Companies of All Sizes See the Benefits of Workforce Management in the Cloud

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/14/2015

While companies of all sizes and in all industries are taking advantage of cloud-based solutions today, the call center has seen some of the most star…

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3 Methods to Help Your Agents Manage Customer Service Situations

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/13/2015

Finally, there's the ELI5 technique - keeping it simple. Companies can often get lost in the brand message and forget that their customers don't live,…

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Workforce Management in Huge Demand in Healthcare

By: Susan J. Campbell    1/6/2015

Agents may be used to call and remind clients to take medication, follow-up on appointments, check in to answer questions and more. When patients or c…

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Call Centers Can Greet a Better New Year by Revamping Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/5/2015

Most businesses begin a new year looking for a way to reform operations, improve efficiencies and save money. There are a nearly endless number of pat…

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The Customer Experience Needs to be Primary Focus in Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/30/2014

The competitive landscape - it's something the business leader has to assess when going into business and on an ongoing basis. You have to know what y…

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Can You Schedule 'Empathy' as a Call Center Skill?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/22/2014

When it comes to managing a call center workforce, what's good for the call center and its employees often isn't the same as what's good for the custo…

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Why Automation is Better for Call Center Scheduling Efficiency

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/22/2014

There are a number of metrics that call center management examine in assessing the performance of the customer service division. Criteria like number …

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Is Your Quality Monitoring Process Working for the Contact Center or Its Customers?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/18/2014

The end of one year and the start of a next, represent a new opportunity for every contact center. There are few organizations today who can say their…

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Learn Why Agent Visibility is Critical to Contact Center Performance

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/15/2014

Performance in the contact center is a measure often top of mind for call center management. To get a first-hand look at how one solution is enabling …

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Taking Control of the Customer Experience with Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/12/2014

Whatever business a company engages in, its business with a potential customer starts at the first point of contact. This could be in person at a reta…

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How a Story Can Impact Your Workforce Management

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/8/2014

Second, do your employees understand how the company got started? There was some reason, some passion that led the founder to take the risk in the fir…

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Why Workforce Management Solutions Should Include Speech Analytics

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/3/2014

The point is that solutions are available that allow you to dig deep into these interactions so you can effectively measure the experience against the…

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The Most Critical Support Pillars of Customer Engagement and Loyalty

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/1/2014

There are those who say customer loyalty is dead today. This isn't true. It's just that customers have changed the criteria for their loyalty: instead…

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Call Centers Find That 'Quiet Rooms' Improve Employee Engagement

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/26/2014

Results of the quiet room experiments were very encouraging. Companies using them reported fewer escalated calls to supervisors due to stressed out ag…

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Do You Know Your Customer Effort Score?

By: Mae Kowalke    11/24/2014

The other, customer effort score (CES), assesses the amount of effort that a customer had to spend in order to resolve an issue. While not as direct a…

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Monet WFO Live Receives Accolades for Exceptional Customer Experience

By: Michelle Amodio    11/19/2014

Monet WFO Live relies on the cloud to bring quality monitoring, desktop and speech, and performance management to the managers who need these tools th…

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More Large Enterprises Starting to 'Get' the Benefits of the Cloud

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/17/2014

It seems that larger enterprises are getting the message about the benefits of the cloud and the lack of risk. Research from Gartner predicts that 50 …

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'Quality' Should Be Defined by Customers, Not Contact Centers

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    11/12/2014

This principle, in turn, can boost critical employee engagement, which will lead directly to improvement of the customer experience. Whichever path yo…

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Workforce Recovery After Downturn Brings Familiar Problems

By: Michelle Amodio    11/11/2014

Depending on what reports you pay attention to, you may or may not see that the hiring slump that faced a lot of businesses is on the up and up. Some …

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Dealing with an Aging Workforce

By: Mae Kowalke    11/5/2014

Adjusting for an older workforce does not just mean collecting data, however; it also means putting into place education programs through HR, and leve…

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Why Third Party Workforce Management Makes Sense

By: Susan J. Campbell    11/3/2014

How do you manage those who are responsible for helping you achieve your goals? In the contact center, it's not uncommon to have workforce management …

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Company (and Agent) Effort Are Critical to Customer's Perception of a Positive Experience

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/28/2014

We talk a lot about customer satisfaction today: how to achieve it, how to measure it, how to improve it and even how to report on it. What's less dis…

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Coming & Goings: Nintex Announces Two Appointments to Board of Directors

By: Rahul Arora    10/28/2014

Nintex, a company that provides workflow automation solutions, recently announced that Steve Largent and Brian V. Turner have joined the company's boa…

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How to Keep Quality Employees

By: Susan J. Campbell    10/27/2014

If you had to examine your current call center and point to the biggest drains on resources, would turnover make the list? It's not uncommon for call …

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Smartsheet Work Management Seeks to Show How Businesses Operate

By: Casey Houser    10/21/2014

There is a lot of focus on business technologies that can improve employee collaboration. One segment of that technology that is rarely discussed, how…

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Modern Workforce Management Helps Predict the Future - Sort Of

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/21/2014

Forecasting is a science, and it will never be right all the time. (Witness the weather forecast.) The trick is to use a mix of past behavior - one of…

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The Cost of Poor Customer Satisfaction

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/15/2014

Most companies today strive to offer excellence in customer service. They may have it on a goals list, and they may discuss the idea at every meeting.…

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Workforce Management is a Must, But Should it Come From the Cloud?

By: Susan J. Campbell    10/13/2014

The amount of information available in the market that supports the benefits of the workforce management solution makes it an easy sell for those in t…

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Young Call Center Workers Encouraged To Finish Studies

By: Michelle Amodio    10/8/2014

When it comes to the call center workforce, completing studies is key to continued success. While that may seem like an obvious statement, the trend i…

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Call Centers Restrict Their Potential with Manual Workforce Management Processes

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    10/6/2014

We like to think that the contact center is a pretty automated place. After all, software solutions to make customers' (and agents') lives easier have…

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Survey Measures Workplace Distractions

By: David Delony    9/30/2014

As long as people still work, they'll always find ways to avoid actually doing their work. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) has released another vers…

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Can Middle Managers Prove an Innovation Gold Mine?

By: Steve Anderson    9/29/2014

While the middle manager of today's office is commonly regarded as something of a slow-witted villain drunk on his or her own inflated sense of self-i…

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Going Beyond the Basics to Make the Most of Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/24/2014

According to Ciarlo, a good workforce management solution can also help in the area management discipline, allowing managers and executives to conduct…

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Brokerage Firm to Sell Portfolio of Seven Workforce Management Patents

By: Casey Houser    9/22/2014

The company will be approaching potential buyers to explain the benefits the portfolio can provide for their individual companies. Following bids rece…

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Effective Quality Monitoring Depends on Training and Employee Expectations

By: Casey Houser    9/17/2014

Call center management, among its many other responsibilities, is tasked with monitoring operations and employees. This can manifest in activities suc…

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Workforce Management Solutions Can Lighten the Load for Call Center Managers

By: Laura Stotler    9/17/2014

Many of today's WFM solutions offer mobile apps, enabling managers to step away from the office and still be apprised of activity. Sometimes a few min…

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Why Workforce Management is Good for the Back Office

By: Susan J. Campbell    9/9/2014

At the same time, if they have to wait in the queue too long to talk to a live agent, they may hang up and call the competition. Without a robust work…

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Superior Call Center Management Means Being Both Proactive and Reactive

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/9/2014

This is also a person who uses a meeting planner schedule to set meetings for times when he or she is confident that call center coverage is acceptabl…

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Consider Extending Workforce Management to Back-Office Functions for Improved Efficiency

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    9/4/2014

By using a cloud-based solution, companies can keep upfront costs down and configure the solution to the precise parameters they require. Organization…

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