Samsung Launches New Campaign to Improve Customer Service in India

By: Michael Guta    1/10/2017

Samsung has just launched a digital campaign to improve customer service across India by providing services to the doorsteps of rural and semi-urban c…

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The Cloud Enables Mobile Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/9/2017

Workforce management is more critical than ever, but with employees spread out over the country or the world, these solutions have had to go natively …

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How to Keep Your User's Attention with Online Learning

By: Special Guest    1/9/2017

With so many high-impact distractions, it is sometimes difficult to maintain clear focus on a task. When planning your training session for an employe…

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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, NICE, Genesys

By: Stefania Viscusi    1/7/2017

The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

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Why Businesses Keep Turning to Influencer Marketing

By: Steve Anderson    1/6/2017

A look back at influencer marketing in 2016 shows much of why marketers will likely keep turning to it in 2017.

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Forrester Puts Aspect atop CCIM Leader List

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/6/2017

Companies today require that all customer information be in the same place at the same time and accessible for all employees who touch the customer ex…

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DMG Names NICE WFO Market Leader

By: Maurice Nagle    1/6/2017

Contact center solutions have come a long way from just a desktop phone. Today's omni-channel world presents new challenges to what serves as the fron…

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Does Your Call Center Have the Tools to Succeed?

By: Stefania Viscusi    1/5/2017

We hear a lot about how new technologies and tools being offered for call centers are transforming the way companies serve customers. Sure, not having…

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Manage Your Workforce Like It's 2017, Not 1995

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    1/4/2017

If you're still managing your workforce like it's 1995, there is no way you're going to be able to please your customer base - or keep your workforce …

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Avtex and Genesys Partner for Better Contact Center Solutions

By: Alicia Young    1/4/2017

Avtex and Genesys have entered into a strategic partnership to improve services and offer better contact center solutions.

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Bahrain Launches New Contact Center

By: Andrew Bindelglass    1/3/2017

The Bahrain Center for Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of a contact center designed to better answer questions and serve customers.

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What's Next in Influencer Marketing

By: Paula Bernier    1/2/2017

TapInfluence has come out with its 10 influencer marketing predictions for the year ahead.

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2017 Will Bring a Surge of Practical Use of Chatbots

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/30/2016

Going forward, look for more organizations (including e-commerce companies) to implement chat bots to take the place of interactive voice response (IV…

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Security Fixes Keep SMS Safe in Contact Center Solutions

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/30/2016

For companies wishing to retain this very easy and convenient way of communications for customer support as well as security, a few technology precaut…

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Why Influencer Marketing Has Gone Mainstream

By: Paula Bernier    12/30/2016

Influencer marketing has gone mainstream. In fact, acorn says, "influencer marketing is now taking precedence over traditional marketing strategies li…

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Cloud-based Contact Center Market on a Tear

By: Steve Anderson    12/29/2016

Looking for a market with big returns? Cloud-based contact centers are looking at a 26.08 percent CAGR through 2020.

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Five9 Emphasizes Importance of Customer Experience at ITEXPO

By: Alicia Young    12/28/2016

TMC recently caught up with Five9's CMO Kevin Gavin, who will be speaking at ITEXPO, to discuss the importance of collaboration and the customer exper…

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Ensure Workforce Management is Aligned with Company Goals and Culture

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/28/2016

If the workforce management solution is driving employees in a way that doesn't achieve company goals, then the entire organization will be working ag…

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Influencer Marketing's Growth Felt Throughout 2016

By: Steve Anderson    12/28/2016

New reports from Linqia suggest that 2016 was a big year for influencer marketing, and 2017 will likely be bigger.

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Automating Quality Monitoring Makes Contact Center Management Easier

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/27/2016

Often, workforce management and quality monitoring rely on sources from different places, such as spreadsheets, call logs, customer surveys or softwar…

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Positioning Network Service Providers for Success with Cloud Contact Center Solutions

By: Special Guest    12/22/2016

Network Service Providers (NSPs), historically, have mostly operated in the connectivity business. But as cloud-based solutions continue to proliferat…

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City of Mesa Employs Aspect Chatbot

By: Paula Bernier    12/21/2016

The City of Mesa in Arizona is employing an Aspect Software-powered chatbot with which residents can interact to do account management, mobile bill pa…

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Ways to Optimize Call Center Solutions

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/20/2016

Call center solutions exist to streamline activities and improve the customer journey.

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Managing Expectations on Chatbots

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/20/2016

Chat bots won't engage your customers in a complex and nuanced conversation that leaves the customer with a shining impression of the company. They ca…

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2017 Predictions for Call Center Technology

By: Special Guest    12/19/2016

2016 proved to be a successful year for contact centers, and 2017 is predicted to be even more dynamic and profitable for the call center industry. Wi…

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Workforce Management to Remain in Strong Demand

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/19/2016

The benefits of workforce management are very real for small and medium businesses, driving strong growth through 2022.

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Jailbreak Your iPhone for Call Recording

By: Andrew Bindelglass    12/19/2016

Apple tends to have limited options for call recording on iPhones. However, "jailbreaking" your iPhone opens up many new potential means for recording…

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Why Retailers Should Be Planning Their Tech Tools for 2017's Holiday Season

By: Special Guest    12/19/2016

The holidays are in full-swing, and retailers are working through what is projected to be a highly profitable season. The National Retail Federation e…

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Workforce Management Helps Blend Human and AI Resources

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/15/2016

Managing the workforce now means managing a host of customer support entities both human and cyber.

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Red Box Changes Improve Call Recording

By: Steve Anderson    12/15/2016

Red Box Recorders augment call recording programs to meet new regulations' demands.

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Hosted VoIP Delivers Many Business Benefits

By: Paula Bernier    12/15/2016

Hosted VoIP solutions are worthy of serious consideration by businesses that are thinking about making a change to their communications systems. That'…

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ITEXPO Panelist Five9 Lands Zendesk Deal

By: Steve Anderson    12/14/2016

Ahead of its upcoming exhibition at ITEXPO, Five9 lands a big new deal with Zendesk for telephony options.

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Customer Success: Where to Start and What to Expect

By: Amy Downs    12/14/2016

Naturally, getting customer churn under control isn't an overnight effort. A Customer Success function with ears to the ground and the tools to flag c…

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Are Your Influencers Trustworthy?

By: Alicia Young    12/14/2016

A study from Bloglovin' found that the No. 1 downfall of influencer marketing is a lack of authenticity and trustworthiness. So, what can your brand d…

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Tips for Contact Center Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Excellence

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/14/2016

Focusing on the suggested areas will aid contact centers in delivering optimal omni-channel customer engagement.

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Altru Taps TelStrat for Call Recording

By: Steve Anderson    12/13/2016

Healthcare needs call recording, and other tools, so Altru Health System recently tapped TelStrat's Engage WFO for such tools.

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Why Workforce Management is a Must

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/13/2016

Workforce management helps to optimize processes, the work to be done and the way agents perform the work, leading to better outcomes overall.

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How AI Can Optimize the Customer Experience and Shape the Modern Organization

By: Special Guest    12/12/2016

With more competition and unprecedented customer expectations, exceptional customer experience proves a key differentiator for service companies. Inno…

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Call Recording Week in Review: Dubber, Peak UpTime, TelStrat

By: Paula Bernier    12/10/2016

Billionaire invested in Dubber, automatic call recording catches fire, and Peak UpTime and TelStrat join forces.

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Call Recording Smartens Up Lava Metal

By: Steve Anderson    12/9/2016

The Lava Metal 24 feature phone offers some very smartphone-style features, but also boasts a built-in call recording system.

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Dubber Call Recording Lands New Investment

By: Steve Anderson    12/8/2016

Call recording operation Dubber lands noteworthy new investment from one of the biggest names in investing around.

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Ying-Yang in Customer Interaction

By: Special Guest    12/8/2016

We are used to utilizing many statistical reports for our analyses of efficiency, quality, resource, profitability and loyalty. Data we obtain from th…

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Inadequate Interest and Ineffective Product Experience

By: Special Guest    12/8/2016

In the industry of "Interaction and Call Center," as we all know, both in-house and outsourcer companies add new tools into their product portfolios b…

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Tips for Workforce Management Success

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/8/2016

Workforce management is sure to be more successful when agents have access to information and stress relief.

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Anywhere365 Now Available on AudioCodes' CloudBond 365

By: Alicia Young    12/7/2016

Anywhere 365, a native Skype for Business based Contact Center and Dialogue Management platform, is now available on AudioCodes' CloudBond 365 applian…

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Chatbots, Personalization, Self-Service Are Growing Trends

By: Paula Bernier    12/7/2016

Aspect Software, Sharpen, and ShoreTel offer customer experience predictions for 2017.

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TelStrat and Peak UpTime Partner for Improved Call Recording

By: Alicia Young    12/7/2016

Peak UpTime and TelStrat have joined forces to provide comprehensive call recording and workforce optimization solutions to contact centers.

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Taking Customer Experience Beyond Marketing

By: Special Guest    12/7/2016

In a world full of competition in every sector, customer experience is one of the measures that influence the success of a company. One mistake that m…

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Automatic Call Recording Increasingly Popular

By: Steve Anderson    12/5/2016

Some new apps offer automatic call recording, making a powerful new tool readily available, a move that may have some downside.

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Holiday Customer Support Starts with Workforce Management

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    12/5/2016

How do you make sure your workforce is ready for holiday customers? You make sure your workforce management system is up-to-date and capable of scalin…

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